Ending The Culture of Street Crime

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Ending crime in the black community

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End Crime Project's Principles

We Stands For:
Living lives based on justice, and for respecting the dignity of all members of the human race.

We Believes That:
As human beings, we all have a vital role to play in building safe communities for all families.

We Work Toward:
​Empowering former participants of the street crime culture (those with criminal records) to intervene in the lives of those presently involved in street crime and violence using Positive Peer Intervention.

​We Are Committed To:
Saving lives and changing communities by bringing an end to the Culture of Street Crime within ourselves, within our communities and within our society.

We Take The Case That:
True public safety can only be achieved through a collaborative partnership among local communities, civic organizations, governmental agencies and correctional facilities, and concerned individuals with a vested interest in eliminating the major causes of crime and violence.

​We Invite You To:
Join us in this effort to create a crime free society by Ending The Culture of Crime that is the basis for the destruction of thousands of live.

A Call To Action!

​Join The Movement

End Crime Project Purpose
The purpose of the End Crime Project is to actively engage the formerly incarcerated in the development of leadership skills for Positive Peer Intervention activities in the community.  
​The End Crime Project’s Street Teams activities are designed to reduce the violence and crime in Philadelphia communities by using our methodology of “Love and Logic.”  This approach will target the hard to reach young people and those who do not respond to conventional outreach.

What The End Crime Project Is Not:
We are not a town watch or street patrol group.  We are concerned men and women from the community who will engage young hustlers and other at-risk youth in cognitive transformation conversations regarding the impact of crime and violence on the community. 

•    We do not take police action.  The End Crime Project or those representing us are not affiliated with law enforcement agencies and will not take any police or vigilante action. 

​•    We do not discriminate.  We are a non-denominational, multi-racial, grass roots movement.